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Change Notes

Following is a partial list of changes made to InView & StockView 6 since their 2011 release, followed by previous changes made to InView & StockView 5.
Check your version To check the overall version of InView & StockView, open Flow Chart, go to the Access menu (formerly Windows menu) and Choose About Flow Chart. The version number is in the lower left corner of the window.

To check the exact version of individual files, open the applicable file and choose About... from the file's Access menu. For example, to see the version of your Contacts file, choose About Contacts from the Access menu of the Contacts file. A message pops up bearing the Contact file's version number..

Downloads Full and partial Downloads are available for those who hold a current license for version 6.
Documentation New documentation may be online for these updates. Check chapter listings and dates.
V6 Updates & Change Notes


   5/14/12 v6.0.10
    Fixed stall on Submit to New if Stocksheet is not open

   4/26/12 v6.0.9
    Added Copy To and Copy Selected to Prime Image popup

   2/18/12 v6.0.8
    Improved dragging from Desktop if other application is active
    Enhanced pickup of legacy (deprecated) metadata to Notes
    Modified IPTC JobTitle to Job Title in META Notes

    2/14/12 v6.0.7
    Date Created favors metadata date over file date
    Prevented a stop when encountering blank image in meta data of Update Selected
    Fixed image rotation failure for images entered with nested or relative path

    1/16/12 v6.0.6
    Adjustments to updating metadata

    1/12/12 v6.0.5
    Fixed launch issue on Windows that prevented window from displaying
    Added rotate image for Mac only

    1/5/12 6.0.4
    Fixed Import a Folder broken by 6.0.3

    1/2/12 v6.0.3
    Added Select Duplicates to Search menu to find dupes by file name or serial number
    Added Don't Ask Again option for dragged images
    Modified handling of paths for dragged batches with multiple paths
    Restored empty fields on New Entry for Title, Image, Location, Rating, Prime, Notes
    Added Update This Entry and Update Selected Entries to meta data popup

    12/20/11 v6.0.2
    Added Search All Fields to Search menu
    Fixed error in opening files with "image" as part of the file name


    6/24/15 v6.0.3
    set Amount in Payment and in Deposit to highlight all on activation
    fixed Tab error that caused Check# to activate cells appearing off screen

    9/21/14 v6.0.2
    Added PayeeMatch to Reports menu

    2/4/11 v6.0.1
    Added EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to Payment designations


    1/24/16 v6.5
    Added direct two-way synch to Apple Contacts

    Added connection of Due Events to Calendar

    Added creation of ics files for email calendar attachments

    Enhanced Calendar entries

    Updated Phone Dialing

    Updated internet weather and map lookups

    12/16/14 v6.0.5
    Fixed an issue that put altered copied data on the Clipboard

    4/9/14 v6.0.4
    Converted all iCal references to Calendar
    Made Calendar the default over Date Keeper

    9/14/13 v6.0.3
    Added ability to enter literally nothing in Fill and Add To
    7/2/13 v6.0.2
    Added Alpha List for searching and selecting
    Set all note cells in Events & Notes and Marketing Profile to insert cursor at end when activated
    7/27/12 v6.0.10a
    Added Key Commands to Quick Searches (Magnifying Glass searches)
    Added Fill, Empty Fill and Add To Options to Functions menu for bulk changes
    4/12/12 v6.0.9a
    Fixed tab order in Data Record
    Fixed option-tab from Address to Zip Code in Data Record

    3/2/12 v6.0.9
    Fixed circumstantial window resizing error introduced by 6.0.8
    Added All Day button to iCal Event window

    2/9/12 v6.0.8
    Enlarged the four primary Contacts windows
    Added more text sizing controls to primary Contacts windows
    Expanded URL capabilities to allow multiple site addresses and social media addresses
    Modified Email CC to clipboard

    1/14/12 v6.0.6
    Fixed Select in Estimates and Open Jobs to work for Company

    11/30/11 v6.0.5
     Added iCal link to Events
     Set Custom Forms to confirm before printing all
     Added color control to Event window
     Added Search All Fields to Search menu
     Updated built in export to include 2nd phone, email and URL
     Added automatic data cleanups

    8/30/11 v6.0.4
    Enabled Email and URL to convert a double quote, ", to any domain already entered in the other

    6/18/11 v6.0.3
    Added iCal as an alternative to Date Keeper in Date Keeper popup menu of Contacts Data Record window
    Changed Email button to popup menu with list of email addresses for the Contact

    2/14/11 v6.0.2
    Repaired items in the Transactions popup menu broken by 6.0.1 in December 2010


    12/14/16 v6.06
    modified image paths to use common images folder to prevent orphans

    12/9/16 v6.0.5
    Upgraded Email Seetings to include more security options
    Added ability to send attachments
    Added basic HTML formatting with CSS styling

    9/13/13 v6.0.3
    Added SSL to Email settings for expanded ISP acceptance
    Added Port 465 to Email Settings

    12/20/11 v6.0.2
    Enhanced internal data structures

    2/15/11 v6.0.1b
    Improved validation of email addresses
    Improved error reporting
    Fixed repeated effort on bad address if encountered

    2/8/11 v6.0.1a
    Added Test button to email settings
    Improved reliability of BCC of sender

General Ledger

    8/16/13 v6.0.3
     Fixed reporting error if Date Preferences include a leading zero

    3/19/12 v6.0.2
     Fixed selecting of an account in Checkbook when only one type of transaction is present

    7/13/11 v6.0.1
    Added option to export Balance Sheet and Income Statement before printing

Estimates & Open Jobs

    6/11/14 v6.0.3
    Changed Find processes to Search and add Select All

    7/22/13 v6.0.2
    Find functions set to trigger on Return or Enter


    6/28/14 v6.0.4
    Updated iCal to Calendar and enhanced interconnections

    7/2/13 v6.0.3
    Added existing entries to Image Type popup menu

    12/20/11 v6.0.2
    Added iCal option to Reminders for license expirations
    Improved date formatting


    2/6/13 v6.0.1
    Added Un-Pay Check #
    Fixed circumstances that could cause Account Codes to scramble
    Eliminated irritating dialog that repeated if no account code was entered
    Fixed error that caused check numbers to advance on Pay by Withdrawal


    9/16/13 v6.0.4
    Enhanced mathematical accuracy for calculations over $21 million

    5/2/13 v6.0.3
    Improved accuracy of reporting on many hundreds of invoices at once
    Modified Payment Date to correctly handle Compacted invoices
    Fixed occasional display of -0.00 to be 0.00

    12/15/11 v6.0.1
    Enhanced internal data structures

    Added routine to find and correct faulty dates


    12/15/11 v6.0.1
    Enhanced internal data structures


    2/10/12 v6.0.2
    Added expand/condense option to PLUS terms for spacing purposes.


    8/22/14 v6.0.3
    Fixed circumstantial stall on Contact to Worksheet
    Fixed switch from Line Entries to Header when moving up records

    6/9/14 v6.0.2
    Changed Enter Deadline to Enter Scheduling with links to OSX Calendar
    Added Option key to numbering buttons for access to Numbering Preferences

    12/15/11 v6.0.1
    Corrected Tab Order in Header window
    Enhanced internal data structures

V5 Updates & Change Notes


     Split Image Record to Digital Record and Analog Record windows
     Added Gather Images to collect selected images to a folder
     Added Keyword Sets and a keyword compiler
     Added view by file type filter in Browser
     Added Change a Path to Image Access
     Added quick set of No Use License for meta writing
     Added Prime File feature to track a master image
     Added Locate Image to Image Access
     Added Conversion Preferences window
     Added option to exclude Source folder when loading images
     Added drag from web browser for image addition on OS X
     Enhanced Batch Rename
     See New in Catalogue 5.7 PDF
    Enhanced accuracy of challenges on manual entry of duplicated serial numbers
    Adjusted naming of next number in series to allow for non-repeating in alpha portion
    Enhanced memory adjustment
    Added auto correction for incoming metadata with "'"
    Added Flow Chart option to turn off Delete Image offer in Delete Record - requires updated Flow Chart
    Blocked un-necessary creation of image folders by Install Image
    Modified searchLynx exports to replace "&amp ;" with"&"
    Improved metadata date import to handle more date formats
    Added corrections for metadata originating in Lightroom
    Set Copyright Status to apply with other defaults
    Fixed condition that could leave Photoshop URL empty in spite of default setting
    Fixed condition that could cause imported keywords from the first image to apply to the batch
    Added JPEG and TIFF creation from DNG via Browser
    Updated internal structure of thumbnail pages
    Fixed bug that could cause repeating Notes on metadata import 
    Fixed bug that could cause crashes on large selections in Browser
    Added optional folder paths for searchLynx Export
    Enhanced searchLynx export
    Improved handling of XMP in DNG images
    Revised Tag process for Shared configurations
    Added Display menu to Full Image view (requires new HS Resource)
    Enhanced memory handling of large iamges
    Added XMP formatted META Processing
    Added DNG to Image formats handled
    Added Copyright Protection on META Writing
    Expanded META coverage to all standard fields
    Added Drag and Drop META writing from other software
    Added Synonyms to Cross References
    Added Qwik-Swap to Cross References to handle multiple sets of keywords
    Increased the fields available for Fill and Empty Fill


    Refinement of check number memory - install new Payables too
    Revised internal calculations for check numbering
    Revised Transfers to another account to include more info
    Added Option on Deposit Notes popup to Repair Transfer Formats
    Fixed Quicken Import
    Revised Check Journal report
    Deposit Journal totals selected Deposits and Credits
    Revised Statement reports
    Added Custom Forms option to Print this Check
    Fixed file not found error on Open Account
    Cleaned up blanks and inconsistencies in Open Account popup
    Improved tabbing in Payments and Deposits
    Added highlights to Deposit and Payment cells
    Numerous graphics tweaks in Deposit and Payment
    Removed Transaction ID from printed reports
    Removed blanks in Accounts listed in Pay To popup in Payment
    Fixed Transfer to include Account Codes


    Added Select a Quantity to Search menu
    Improved error prevention from bad data in popup menus
    Enhanced functions of Search Keys popup
    Added Search feature to Memos popup
    Revised Transaction popup
    Added new Bulk Email via Eudora
    Fixed bug that caused first Category to drop in Category popup
    Fixed Sharing Preferences in Sharing menu
    Added Duplicate Event for All Selected to Events menu of Events & Notes window
    Revised popup menus to improve efficiency
    Added Duplicate Events to Events menu in Events & Notes window
    Revised Events arrows to include All Selected via Control key
    Revised Memos to include Control key and Events for All Selected
    Revised Events date entry for better interface and accuracy
    Moved Map choices to Address popup
    Fixed Tab Order in Contacts Data Record
    Fixed Drag and Drop import of mutliple vCards at once
    Added vCard Import and Export
    Added internal Map and Driving Directions
    Removed old style airbills - replaced with links to courier web sites


    Added Other... to Port selections for Email
    Added Port to Email Settings
    Added optional delay setting for use in pacing email sending
    Updated chapter posted to documentation
    Added authentication to email settings
    Added error reporting to send email

Flow Chart

    Added Panorama Wizards menu option to Computer Profile
    Expanded Sharing controls
    Major revision of interface
    Eliminated need for Set Path in Shared configurations
    Added more files to Sharing choices
    Added Unshare to Sharing Preferences popup
    Added Catalogue Preference on Delete Image option

General Ledger

    Fixed possible error in months with no Checkbook activity
    Fixed bug that could drop duplicated items within a single check


    New file for InView & StockView and documentation


    Refinement of check numbering with Checkbook - install new Checkbook too
    Corrected circumstance that was causing skipped check numbers
    Enlarged Account popup
    Added highlights to distribtribution cells


    Enhanced Recognition of Date of Final Payment on Invoices...
        ...effects Report by Account, Report by Invoice, Sales Tax Report
    Prevented opening of extra window on Cash Receipts
    Added Issue Statement to Contact
    Added Search for Creator or Image Number on Licensing Invoices
    Added Billings report ranking Sources by dollars
    Added Billings Chart to compare billed amounts by month, quarter or year


    Fixed Transfer Invoice from Receivables that left Receivables in limbo
    Added meta writing for licenses in TIFF, JPEG, PICT, DNG...
    Added Digital Record window
    Added Commissions Report


    Major Revision with new documentation
    Addition of PLUS Media Terms
    Added Merge Words menu
    Added Transfer to Image


    Added Price Lists option for mutiple Price Lists with documentation
    Print report loads report name for saving in PDFs
    Print report now names the window to include the report number
    Added new phone dialing procedure

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