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InView's financial record keeping helps you monitor the pulse of your business. Whether you do the final reports yourself or turn the paperwork over to your accountant, InView makes sure that you have a solid audit trail to show where your money came from and where it went.
The Checkbook operates much like a traditional checkbook. It manages any number of checking accounts and posts deposits, crediting payments to invoices in Receivables. It can even add expenses to a job in progress to be sure nothing gets left out of the billing.

Four built-in check printing templates make it easy to find one to match your desired arrangement, but if not, change it. They're all customizable.
The Payables file keeps track of your debts, looking into the future to predict how much money you need to pay out and when. With features like recurring entries and tracking of your credit limits you should always know who needs to get paid.
General Ledger
InView's General Ledger doesn't require a knowledge of credits and debits. At the end of the month or year it collects information from the appropriate places to generate reports on Account Details, Summary Reports, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet or Income Statement.
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