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InView includes a full-fledged word processor to enhance and organize the flow of your written communications. Create a letter, fax or email. The setup and addressing are done for you and, when sent, a dated note about the communication is added to the Contact's file.
InView's Correspondence file has the ability to merge data from a Contact's information into your message for precise personalization. Make it as simple as just the addressing of each message, or set it up so each recipient receive a very different message accurately tailored to their specifics.
Mass Mailings
Bulk Email
Sending a letter or email to an entire crowd is as easy as sending it to one. Select your target audience, create the message and print or send.

On Mac OS X you can even send HTML formatted email.

Form Letters
InView saves Form Letters ready for you to instantly use as-is or with modification as needed. Send a well written introduction or follow-up without having to recompose every line.
With all of your correspondence stored in a database, you can quickly find everything written to a particular person, regarding a specific subject or written on a given date. Never dig through separate word processing documents again!
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