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InView is a set of files designed to fully manage a professional photography business. Start with one of the best contact managers available - anywhere - add word processing, scheduling, invoicing, licensing and accounting - and you're getting close to InView.
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The Contacts file is more than just names, addresses and phone numbers, it's a powerful command center for your daily business.

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The Correspondence file makes it easy to write one or a thousand letters at a time. Create letters, emails or faxes in an instant using your own ready made form letters.
Whether it's invoices, estimates or a job in progress the process is fast and consistent. And when it's all done your invoice is complete and professional.
Licensing Create or import usage licenses, then keep track of them. Set reminders to be alerted before they expire. And it's all fully PLUS compliant.
Keeping books doesn't have to require an accounting background. InView's accounting files do much of the work by you doing yours. All the reports you and your accountant need are readily available.
Sharing Got a staff or need to access your data from multiple locations? InView & StockView can be set to share over your network and/or the internet.
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