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Streamlining the flow of paperwork makes it easier to get things done. Consistency reduces errors and ensures a healthier profit margin. InView's invoicing system contributes to both causes. The transition from estimate to job to invoice is as simple as clicking your mouse.

Whether it's an estimate, job or an invoice, the basic steps are the same. No product codes to remember; just enter quantities for the services and items to be included and InView does the rest. Change your prices or mark ups any time and it's all taken in stride. Receivables
Print itemized invoices and estimates listing every detail of every charge. Or print them in a summarized format providing the client with a generalized description of charges while preserving the details for you. The choice is yours and either format can be customized to your preferred look.
InView's Receivables file stores past and present invoices displaying clearly how much was billed and paid and how long it took. Menu choices quickly isolate late invoices, unpaid invoices, invoices to a particular client and so on. Statements can be issued in an instant to a specific client or to all those with late invoices.
InView has reports galore. Compare a job in progress to the estimate to see how you're doing on the budget. Generate a detailed sales tax report, broken down by counties if necessary. Get a report by account code to see where you're making your money. See how you're doing this year compared to last. It's all there.
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