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Distributing images without licenses is like driving a car without a steering wheel. You have no control and a loss is predicatable and possibly substantial. Licensing protects your images and their potential for income.

´╗┐The Licenses file lists and ages licenses that you’ve issued for the use of your images. Besides the to whom and the for what, it displays the starting and ending date of each license.

Create Licenses and Terminology combine to help you create professional licenses with just the right words and terms to properly define how the images can be reproduced.

Track Keeping track of every license and reminding you before it expires allows you to alert the client and leads to more renewed licenses, aka more income.


The Licenses file is fully PLUS compliant and capable of creating, importing or exporting PLUS XMP files.

When creating licenses, use your own terms, our terms, or the extensive PLUS terms.

Doing it right has never been easier!

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