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Computers & Software

Apple Computer
Apple Computer is the manufacturer of Macintosh computers and the developer of the Macintosh operating system software. www.apple.com

Apple has online discussion boards where you can post technical questions about Apple products. These boards are monitored by Apple technical support representatives who advise, answer, or point to web-based links which answer questions. support.info.apple.com/te/te.qry

Apple Insider
Find out about Apple news almost before Apple knows it. Apple Insider is a great source for information about upcoming software and hardware. www.appleinsider.com
Apple Lust
Another great source for Apple news and information, but also loaded with interesting columns and opinions. www.applelust.com
Everything Mac
Everything Mac claims to have 1,888 Mac related links. It appears to be true, but who's counting? www.everythingmac.com
HindSight Ltd.
HindSight Ltd. (that's us) is the developer of several image handling programs, particularly InView & StockView; all the software necessary to manage a photography or graphic arts business in a seamlessly integrated package. www.hsltd.us
MacConnection is our favorite place to purchase hardware and software. They're reasonably priced and have good customer support policies. www.macconnection.com
If you're troubleshooting or just need to know something about your Mac, MacFixIt is one of the best resources available.www.macfixit.com
ProVue Development Corporation is the developer and distributor of Panorama and Panorama Direct, the database engine used in HindSight software. www.provue.com
Version Tracker Use version tracker to check on software updates and releases. Also includes searches for Windows and Palm. www.versiontracker.com
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