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Computers & Software

MicroSoft is the developer of Windows and Internet Explorer - in case you're from out of town. Visit their site for updates and information on either, but for Windows support they say to see your computer's manufacturer. www.microsoft.com
MicroSoft's site is loaded with OS specific information on Windows 95 and Windows 98. Find answers to nearly any Windows or MicroSoft related issue at the Microsoft Personal Support Center.
PCConnection carries a very complete line of hardware and software that you can order in the middle of the night for next morning delivery. Good online catalog. www.pcconnection.com
PCWorld Online is the web based version of the magazine chock full of useful information. Every Windows user should have it bookmarked. www.pcworld.com
One of the webs best resources for freeware and shareware. www.tucows.com
Version Tracker Use version tracker to check on software updates and releases. Also includes searches for Windows and Palm. www.windowstracker.com
Ask the Experts when you need some help making something work or figuring out where that dll file has to be. http://www.zdnet.com/community/
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