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Browsers & Email Programs

Eudora is the best email program for people who get lots of email. If you're not one of those people today, you will be soon! Available in free or paid versions for Macintosh and Windows go to Eudora.com to download your copy.
iCab is an impressive new browser from Germany, for Macintosh computers. Free beta copies are available before the paid version goes online at icab.de.
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is the free web browser from MicroSoft. For Windows go to Internet Explorer. For Macintosh go to Internet Explorer.
Netscape Navigator
Netscape Navigator is a popular and free web browser; for Macintosh or Windows. See Netscape's Browser Central to download the latest version.
OmniWeb is a very sleek new browser for use on Macintosh OSX. Attention tod etails an interface is what this browser is all about. Go to omnigroup.com and size it up.
Claimed to be the world's fastest browser, Opera has a large and growing number of users on Macintosh and Windows computers. Visit opera.com to download yours.
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