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Internet Utility Sites

Art and the Zen of Web Sites
Art and the Zen of Web Sites provides a must read conceptual guide to web site design. tlc-systems.com/webtips.shtml
Comfluent, our internet service provider (ISP) is ready and able to host sites using our searchLynx software. They can even host ordinary sites. comfluent.net
Our favorite registrar for domain names is dotster.com and the price is right.
Internet Traffic Report
The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world to provides chart and graphs illustrating the current volumes. Find out if it's your site or your entire city that's slow. internettrafficreport.com
InterNIC is the organization that handles registration of domain names. internic.net and who owns what name via the whois registry.
Killer Sites
Killer Sites is an excellent source for learning web design. killersites.com
The List
The List is a directory of internet service providers. thelist.iworld.com
Submit-it provides the best resource for getting your site indexed. submit-it.com
WebPromote provides numerous tips and links to help you get your web site listed all over the World Wide Web. WebPromote.com
Web Robots Web Robots are programs that traverse the web automatically. Some people call them Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders. TheWeb Robots Pages have further information about these web robots. robotstxt.org
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