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Publications and Media

British Journal of Photography
The British Journal of Photography is the world's oldest photography magazine for professional photographers, established in 1854. This online version includes a discussion forum, portfolios, weekly news, photo links, competitions and much more. www.bjphoto.co.uk
Creative Pro
The goal at Creativepro.com is to provide creative professionals with the information and tools they need to get real work done every day. Creativepro.com allows you to discover new products, companies, and services; then research them, buy them, update them, and find out how to get the most out of them -- all in one place.
The Digital Journalist
Dirck Halstead's multi-media magazine for photojournalism in the digital age. A must read at www.digitaljournalist.org !
Photo District News
Photo District News provides a thorough photo industry watch. www.pdn-pix.com
Short Courses
On-line Books for the Digital Era has all you want to know about digital cameras, CCD and CMOS image sensors, film and print scanners, Photo CD discs, flash memory, Firewire and USB, hard disk drives, file formats, image editing, photo printers, photos on the Web, panoramic and object photography, and stereo photography. www.shortcourses.com
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