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METAmachine is a metadata browser that streamlines the process of adding or editing captions, keywords, licenses, ownership and other essential metadata in images.
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METAmachine is easy to use and can be mastered within minutes to write metadata to one or many images at a time.

Your Preference settings are in plain view so you always know at a glance what results to expect. You can instantly make necessary changes each and every time you write metadata to images.

METAmachine is compatible with everything. Since metadata is stored within the images themselves, it's universally compatible with all other meta reading and writing software.

Write a complete set of the metadata into images, or add just your copyright and contact info and/or licensing terms, while leaving all other metadata already in the images unaltered.

METAmachine reads and writes XMP formatted metadata in TIFF, JPEG, PSD and DNG images. It's indispensable as your only meta writing software, or as a compliment to whatever else you're using. It's especially awesome as a keywording enhancement to applications like Adobe Lightroom.

METAmachine is superior to all other metadata interfaces in workspace, keywording and is especially unique in licensing.

METAmachine is available for Macintosh OS X or Windows. Download your copy or a FREE Demo.

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