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Prevent Orphans!

METAmachine's Contact Info makes it a breeze to establish your ownership by branding images as yours. Before delivering digital files or uploading them to your site it take just seconds to be sure they're properly marked.

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Drag one image, many images or folders of images on to the target to have your Contact Info written to each one.

When using the Contact Info window, no other metadata is written to the image, so any metadata already in the image, aside from the Contact Info, remains untouched. Optionally include a "No Use" license in the process.

No matter which METAmachine window you're working in, when Copyright Protection is on, the copyright information embedded in images is untouched even as other metadata is written to the image. This option prevails over any of the settings in the Contact Info.

This feature makes METAmachine the only software in full compliance with the Meta Manifesto published by the Stock Artists Alliance.

Jonathan Kannair - "It's fast, it's simple and it really works. I've not found any other solution that lets me copy the file name to the document title field and at the same time supports the Photoshop copyright status feature -- those two features alone have made it an essential part of my work flow."
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