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METAmachine is just $49 US per license.

Download the manual - METAmachine.pdf 3MB

Downloads for Demo or New installations...

    13 MB download for Macintosh* * - Macintosh Installation PDF

    31 MB download for Windows* * - Windows Installation PDF

As a demo, METAmachine is fully functional. Until it's registered though, it includes a demo note in image captions.

*METAmachine requires Panorama, as the underlying database engine. Panorama 6 is included in the downloads above and is pre-licensed to operate fully with METAmachine with no further licensing on your part.

Buy Now from our online store. You can be up and running within minutes.

*InView & StockView owners - If you have Panorama 5.5 or later installed on your computer, download the Lite METAmachine packages below for new or upgrade installations.

    4.25 MB Lite download for Macintosh - Macintosh Installation PDF

    3 MB Lite download for Windows - Windows Installation PDF

If you have any doubts about whether or not you have Panorama, use the complete download links at the top of this page.

The current METAmachine release is version 2.0 and is a paid upgrade from version 1.0 through 1.8. Upgrade coupon codes have been emailed to licensed owners.

Check your version number by opening METAmachine and clicking on the METAmachine name and mouse logo. Choose About from the popup menu that appears.

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