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Keyword Manager

Simple keyword acquisition.

Whether you call it a photo keyword harvester or a keyword compiler, the fact is that METAmachine's Keyword Manager outshines pricey stand-alone software meant to do the same thing.

In its most basic use, the Keyword Manager allows you to create or edit, save and retrieve sets of keywords. Anytime you're applying keywords to an image that's similar to others you've done before, just apply a saved set.

There's far more to it though. The Keyword Manager helps you find keywords that others have applied to images similar to yours. You can then copy and paste those keywords into the Keyword Manager to have them instantly compiled into a properly formatted keyword set, ready for you to edit and use.

Start by searching the internet for images like yours. Keyword Manager is pre-loaded with links to several sites for searching images, thesauri and encyclopedias for applicable keywords. Adding your own sites to its saved links is a snap. How many do you want? Add them easily - On Mac OS X you can simply drag in the URL form your browser's address bar.

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Paste - or on Mac OS X drag in - all sorts of formats into Keyword Manager, click on Compile and watch it instantly find and organize the keywords within.

Keyword Manager is very intelligent. You can give it a seemingly large amount of raw HTML, for instance. Click on Compile and it finds the keywords within.


Are you ready to get your keywording under control?

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