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Keywords boost your search potential

METAmachine incorporates the same keywording system as built into HindSight’s StockView software; long recognized as one of the fastest and most efficient keywording programs available. Use METAmachine alone, or to greatly enhance your keywording capabilities in Aperture or Lightroom.

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Keyword images as fast as you can locate words in the keywords lists and double-click.

Save and load entire collections of keywords for specialized uses and vocabularies.

Expand your market potential. METAmachine has the added advantage of a 1,400 word multi-language thesaurus using the IPTC Subject Codes.

As you apply keywords, working in your preferred language, METAmachine instantly adds the same words and phrases in your choice of English, French, German and/or Spanish.

Build lists of synonyms for automatic inclusion when any one of them is applied.

METAmachine comes with a comprehensive set of keywords built in. You can modify them to fit your needs, build your own or import keywords from other sources. METAmachine includes a converter utility to import Controlled Vocabulary keywords.

METAmachine's Keyword Manager helps you locate, organize and save keywords from other sources.

Gary Moon - "I bought METAmachine because it streamlines some of the tedious parts of keywording.  It accesses metadata in image files without opening the image in Photoshop, and then a single click moves to the next (or previous) image in a folder.  For me, that's far more efficient than entering the data within Photoshop."
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