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What's in your image?

If there's no copyright or licensing information, it may not even be your image for much longer.

METAmachine can instantly add licensing terms to one or many images without disturbing any other metadata already there. No other software offers licensing for your metadata making METAmachine a valuable compliment to your image management.

Licenses written as metadata into images provide unambiguous protection against misuse or loss of control. METAmachine's License writer provides a unique workplace to assemble and write licenses for your images.

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Create and save licensing templates for quick retrieval and use.

Use Merge Words to have the software intelligently replace markers with specific wording.

Add licenses to one or many images instantly without affecting any other metadata already in the images. or include the license with the full set of metadata.

Images can be readily marked for "No Usage" before distribution so you're sure they go into the worldwide marketplace without any doubts.

 METAmachine includes a PLUS Manager to build your licensing terms using the PLUS Media Matrix

Richard Weisgrau - "The licensing feature is great. It makes embedding a license into metadata a breeze and, better yet, as you build a catalog of licenses you can store them, modify them, and reuse them."
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