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Welcome to the future of licensing!

A license is a contract to use your image. If it's incomplete or incorrectly written there's potential for lost income or even loss of control or ownership. Nothing helps you put together all of the right terms better than the PLUS Media Matrix.

Everyone working in our industry, seasoned pro and novice alike, will benefit from the simpler processes created by the PLUS standards. And with easier accessibility, your clients are encouraged to commission and license more rights-managed art.
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How PLUS will improve Rights Management
• Standardize license data.
• Provide machine readable, worldwide standards for communicating an image license.
• Create license reference codes that can be embedded in image headers and invisible watermarks on printed images.
• Allow for better monitoring and policing of image distribution and use.
• Allow customers to easily track image licenses and avoid unintentional infringement.
• Discourage claims of innocent infringement.

Using PLUS, all parties will be able to instantly determine the license associated with any digital file. No longer will you (or your clients) need to search through old job folders and databases just to find the license information associated with an image. It's right there in the image itself when METAmachine writes it for you.

HindSight is proud to be a member of the PLUS Coalition. Visit the PLUS web site to learn more about PLUS.

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