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Dedicated meta writing software.

METAmachine is the top dog when it comes to creating, editing and writing metadata.

Write all meta fields or just specific metadata while leaving the rest as-is.

Instead of under-sized boxes jammed together in a corner, METAmachine provides plenty of territory to see and edit your data.

Buttons and menus throughout METAmachine expedite the process. Dynamic Help provides a constant flow of tips at the bottom of every window.

Captions and Keywords and even Licenses can be saved and retrieved as needed.

Write to a single image at a time... or to entire folders of images at once.

Images can be dragged from the Desktop, or from other drag savvy applications such as Adobe Bridge.

Batch writing can be used to write all metadata fields, just Contact Info or just Licenses. Easy branding of incoming batches with at least your Contact Info protects your images from becoming orphaned works.

METAmachine adheres to and supports the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (UPDIG) for metadata.

Mike Nicholson - "You've got a very happy customer here! METAmachine has streamlined the creation of all the metadata we need to embed into our library images and we wouldn't know what to do without it now!"
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