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HindSight's Photo Price Guide

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As the premier photo quote software, Photo Price Guide brings new ease to properly and consistently calculating fees and granting rights for stock usage. Even though extensive pricing data is preinstalled, you're given the ability to completely customize the numbers and can change any or all of the data. Use it as is or totally make it your program. An extensive pricing database is installed, covering an extremely broad range of usages, many of which are found in no other guide to professional photographic pricing.

Yours and Ours

Two Sets of Pricing Tables - Now, there are two sets of prices - those recommended by the author and your own. With this feature, you can have your own complete set of custom fee tables to suit your own particular market and still have the author's default set of fees for instant reference.

Display Fees in Any Currency - The Currency Conversion feature now changes the entire Price window on the fly to whatever currency in the world you choose. HindSight's Photo Price Guide is designed to work in any currency and market on the planet. It adapts to your specific situation.

Measurement Conversion - Most of the world uses the metric system. HindSight's Photo Price Guide adapts even more to the international world market as you can now instantly toggle between displaying dimensions in inches or centimeters.

Enhanced Interface - The main Prices window has been made even easier to use and read with a cleaner interface and much more room for text fields, making them easier to read.

Improved Pricing Equations - In a constant quest to make pricing easier and more consistent and logical, some of the equations behind the tables have been revamped.

And, there are many smaller enhancements and improvements in the code to make Photo Price Guide run even faster and smoother.


The simple interface makes it easy for anyone to use so even employees with little training will grant the proper rights and quote the right fees. A built in help system and thorough pdf documentation help you get started immediately.


Price Guide is an automated book of prices, full of tips helping you get more from sales, and guidelines on granting accurate rights, and protecting yourself legally. The Pricing Calculations in Photo Price Guide cover many times the detail for determining a fee and with more precision than any other guide to stock fees.

Integrated Price Guide can be run as a stand alone program, or it can be used in conjunction with HindSight's other products, InView & StockView, to automatically install prices and licensing terms in invoices.

Determine a fee and complex license in a little more time than it takes to read this paragraph. You can quickly navigate through the well organized Table of Contents, locate a price in the grid, and calculate specific factors that affect the fee in about 30 seconds. Clients won't have to wait.


Photo Price Guide works with other programs and gives them room on your monitor. You can leave it open as small icon on your screen ready to quickly expand to a large window thus enabling you to instantly respond to clients requests.


Photo Price Guide fits you. It is your choice alter the data to suit your market and logic while still maintaining the complete integrity of the author's recommended fees. And, considering the various factors that affect price, such as time, region, language, specialness and modifications, HindSight's PhotoPrice Guide offers many millions of price possibilties. It will cover most pricing situations you will encounter.


The author founded a stock agency in 1981 and ran it for over 15 years, Photo Price Guide is loaded with data reflecting this experience and gathered from a diversity of sources in the stock industry.


Password security features prevent unauthorized alteration of data.


HindSight provides free support forums for all of its products. In the Price Guide forum you can discuss issues related to pricing for stock and assignments with the author and others in the industry.


Photo Price Guide a rapidily improving product. Less than a year after its initial release it has been upgraded a full version. Many imporvements have been made and big new features are already in the works for the next version.


Photo Price Guide only costs $99 with additional licenses costing only $50 each. It is likely to improve your income by helping you get better fees and to close more deals. Many users have reported That Photo Price Guide paid for itself the first time it was used. Upgrades are often free and otherwise reasonably priced

See for yourself how it works. Go to HS Price Guide Downloads for a free demo. It's the real thing but with limited data until a valid serial number is entered.
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