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Custom Programming

Dynamic Webware
The web just doesn't stand still for static web sites anymore. Whether you need an off-the-shelf product or a custom built solution, HindSight has the skill and experience for creating interactive sites.
Image Libraries Corporations and individual photographers have found HindSight's searchLynx to be an exceptional way to put a searchable image library on line. searchLynx brings a sophisticated web presence to even the smallest of stock sellers by matching or exceeding the features and performance of the search software used by the world's major stock sites.

Perfect for Framing hired HindSight's programmers to create custom plug-ins for searchLynx to display images with frames, manage customer accounts and process e-commerce transactions.

Golf Magazine's GolfOnline needed golf statistics for six major tours, including the LPGA. HindSight turned it up a notch to provide quick searches through a half million records and generate html tables of the results in a split second. The USGA has also contracted usage of these fast database systems to generate statistics.

HindSight has also created the Official U.S. Open Alamanac on CD for 2001 through 2006 under contract with the USGA.

Roofing Materials Library The roofing industry uses a lot of materials, but the information on those materials is inconsistently formatted and hard to find. RoofingMaterialsLibrary.com hired HindSight's programmers to build an online database system to quickly and easily locate detailed information on tens of thousands of items. The system includes subscriptions maintained via an e-commerce system.
Discussion Support
Golf Observer and a number of professional organizations, such as ASMP and Creative Eye feature discussion forums for their membership utilizing HindSight's forumLynx software. This is the very same software developed for use on HindSight's own technical support forums.
Web Sites HindSight can design and build web sites too. Our staff conceptualized, designed and built this web site and Traditional Subjects.
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