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InView & StockView for Multiple Users

There are two ways to use InView & StockView* on multiple computers; as stand alone, single-user copies or as a shared, multi-user system over your network and/or the internet.
Stand Alone
Stand Alone copies can be run on multiple computers. They run as single-user copies, not sharing their data with one another as changes are made. Built-in synchronization features do allow files such as Contacts, to update one another on demand. Or, files may be manually copied from one computer to another to keep copies up to date.

For more than one person using single-user copies of the software on multiple computers you must purchase an additional Panorama Direct license for each computer and a $50 per cpu license for InView & StockView.

A $30 Personal Use License is available for use of Panorama by one person on multiple computers, such as on a desktop computer and a laptop. No additonal licensing is required for InView & StockView to be used by the license holder on multiple computers.


Sharing makes it possible to simultaneously run InView & StockView on multiple computers**. As changes are made in shared files on one computer, the changes are immediately available to users on other networked computers.

See How Sharing Works

Sharing is useful in any situation in which you are using InView & StockView on more than one computer and want the computers to have the same information available at all times. It’s suitable for an individual working at various locations within the office or studio as well as for several people at work stations on a large studio network and/or from multiple geographic locations via the internet.

Shared pricing for new licenses, in US Dollars:

Users... 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 12 ...
InView 888.00 1,052.00 1,516.00 1,680.00 1,844.00 2,608.00 3,428.00
StockView 888.00 1,052.00 1,516.00 1,680.00 1,844.00 2,608.00 3,428.00
Studio Pack 1,058.00 1,292.00 1,826.00 2,060.00 2,294.00 3,128.00 4,298.00
InView & StockView 1,109.00 1,364.00 1,919.00 2,174.00 2,429.00 3,284.00 4,559.00

A shared system requires a copy of Panorama Enterprise on the server computer which is included in the prices above, but purchased separately. Contact us for details and an exact quote on your needs.

Upgrades from existing licenses qualify for discounts on the above prices.

Download the Sharing Documentation to review and evaluate shared use of InView & StockView.

Please contact HindSight directly to order or for more information.
Email: Sales at HSLtd.us

*InView & StockView refers to any of the available configurations of these two programs.
** Currently for Macintosh OS X only.

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