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Panorama is the database engine used to power InView, StockView, searchLynx and all the other HindSight software. It's fast, efficient and extremely capable, but for the most part it remains in the background. Most HindSight software is supplied with a single copy of Panorama Direct.
Panorama Direct
Panorama Direct is all that is needed to run programs created with Panorama. Its graphics tools are slightly limited as compared to the full Panorama and it has no programming capabilities, but it can be used to create simple databases of your own. A single copy of Panorama Direct is included with new purchases of HindSight products.
For the power user, the full-fledged Panorama is necessary to create programs like InView & StockView. It's more than the majority of our customers need and is not included in any HindSight software packages.
Panorama and Panorama Direct are available for Macintosh computers. A separately licensed copy is required for every computer on which it is installed. An affordable Personal License allows a single user to install Panorama on multiple computers without buying more copies.
ProVUE Development
Panorama and Panorama Direct are products of ProVUE Development in Hungtington Beach, California. Telephone: 800-966-7878. Web site: www.provue.com.
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