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Sharing InView & StockView

A shared InView & StockView system makes changes on one computer immediately available to all other computers connected via your network and/or over the internet.

Whenever a new customer is added or an address changed, the information is relayed to all connected computers and everyone in your studio has instant access to that new information.

Generate a job report in the production studio and the bookkeeper in the front office has everything needed to create the invoice. License images and everyone has what they need to avoid licensing conflicts.

Connect via a laptop and the internet while you sit in the airport and get updated with all the changes made while you were traveling - or have your changes relayed back to the studio.

It's incredibly fast, it's reliable and it's virtually crash proof.

Sharing requires a Macintosh computer running OS X, to perform as the "server".

A Mac Mini is a great choice as a server computer, but an iBook, iMac, MacBook or any Mac will do very well. If you can make it a dedicated server, that's nice, but it's a relatively low-demand system so you do have the option to simultaneously use the server as a client too.

Download the Sharing Documentation to review and evaluate shared use of InView & StockView.

InView & StockView use Panorama Enterprise as the server software. See a TidBits review on Panorama Enterprise.

Shared Pricing is based upon the number of clients to be in use and is available for any number of client computers.


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