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QuickTime Movies
PDF files and QuickTime movies to help you learn techniques quickly. This section is perpetually under construction, there is much more to come.

Be sure to also see the Documentation Downloads.

Enter a New Contact, Personalized Mass Mailings, Personalize Email, Export to a PDA, Contacts 6.5

Movies: Contacts Intro, Marketing 101

Bulk Email via Correspondence, Import a Price List, Change a Price List, Enter a Check, Enter a Deposit, Find Your Top Clients

Movies: Correspondence


Working with Lightroom, Art Print Tracking w/Catalogue

Movies: Catalogue, META_Batch

Graphics Mode Tips (Labels), Updates and Graphics, Custom Forms

Movies: Graphics & Upgrades, Custom Forms

METAmachine Movies: Overview, Browsing, METAmachine and Lightroom
Demo Tour & Quick Start Manual, New InView & StockView Installation, Upgrade Installation, Activate Panorama, Transfer Panorama, Set Application
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