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and Testimonials
In a comparison with fotoBiz and NSCS Pro for PhotoStockNotes, David Arnold wrote:

"If photography is your full-time business, or if you’re a serious part-timer, take a good look at HindSight’s offerings. ... you get more power, more features, more flexibility, and the best support I’ve seen in 20 years of using and writing about computer software." - PhotoStockNotes, August 2002

The roundup of studio management software in the November 1998 issue of Photo District News gave InView the highest rating of all the programs reviewed.

"InView goes a long way toward giving you complete control over your business. It has an inviting look and feel. And it's tailor-made to keep your studio operation flowing smoothly, covering virtually every business aspect right out of the box." - Photo District News, November '98

Read the whole InView review.

"HindSight's InView and StockView software, launched ten years ago, appear to offer very well-thought-out image marketing and management for the individual photographer or small company.

"It appears to receive consistent glowing reviews by photographers, who comment especially on its excellent technical support." - Stock Photo Report, February '97

"Software manufacturer HindSight Ltd. has packed a lot of power into its newest release of the integrated programs InView & StockView. InView is a comprehensive way to organize the client and financial sides of a studio operation. StockView is an effective way to manage stock image libraries

"Since it (the Contacts module) was developed specifically for photographers, in many respects, it's more functional for studios than generic commercial PIMs might be."

"It includes more than enough graphic capabilities to come up with interesting forms, letterhead and similar promotional material.

"InView & StockView III has more than enough power to provide the financial management for most studios. The package offers many of the tracking and reconciliation features of a stand-alone accounting package and can be used to produce balance sheets, income statements and specific account details as well as to generate financial reports.

"Though technically a separate program, StockView integrates into InView seamlessly.

"Individual images can be dragged-and-dropped onto a delivery memo, making it quick and easy to compile such a memo without a lot of re-keying.

"Since it's able to track images in multiple catalogues, including off of Photo CDs, StockView can be used to manage very large image libraries.

"All in all, documentation is thorough. The 3/4-inch-thick, 8 1/2x11 spiral-bound manual covers virtually every aspect and every option of the program. Straightforward illustrations and usage tips throughout the manual bring users up to speed relatively quickly. While in most software manuals, indexes are useful only as a last resort, the InView & StockView index is comprehensive and well structured." - Photo District News, December '96

"StockView now allows users to include a thumbnail of the photograph along with the description and serial number. The thumbnail can even be printed out on the memo that goes to photo editors. It's much easier to discuss pictures when you're looking at images." - MacWeek, July 15 '96

"The Contacts section provides easy to use Smart Windows with a variety of information for each entry. You can call up an individual or company and have their data file, containing address and phone numbers, and all notes concerning previous conversations, marketing profiles, scheduled meetings, billing and shipping, transactions, special terms and your current scheduling calendar. An added benefit is the ability to merge any of the above information into reports, letters, contracts and scheduling. The integrated word processing feature is user-friendly and allows automated letter/fax mail merge.

"The comprehensive manual has a good table of contents and detailed index. The combination of manual and online help thoroughly covers each function and command." - Photo Shopper, July 1, '96

"StockView III features a sophisticated user friendly method to identify, retrieve, track, submit, and invoice stock images. StockView III provides all the basics needed to start your image bank: rapid and repeat entry aids; user-defined serial numbering systems; ready to use and adjustable label formats; multiple subject searches and much more are provided. StockView III is also space economical. Approximately 5,000 entries can be stored on one megabyte of disk space.

"Once your images are catalogued, StockView III provides high-powered tracking, selection and submission features. From the Image Record window you can access all information dealing with the image and display the image in a digitized form. The CD Browser is a high-powered image handler. With a single click the CD Browser can initiate entry of hundreds of images, again saving time and keystrokes. As with other high-end programs, Photo CD and PICT images can be displayed at any resolution.

"The search mode is quick and reliable. It allows for multiple searches on serial number, caption, keyword(s), submissions, cross references or any field or combination of fields." - Photo Shopper, June 17, '96

"The stock module has more built in numbering systems than any other product on the market" - Outdoor Photography, May '96

What did reviewers said about InView & StockView in its past release? Plenty! And more than once, the reviewers subsequently purchased InView & StockView for themselves.

"HindSight's InView photo management program certainly ranks high in its category. InView covers all the bases and covers them well.

"Its new Quick Start manual gives you the essentials and gets you up and going, without weighing you down with information that initially means little to a user." - Photo District News

"InView/StockView is a software package that has reached demigod status among photographers - even appearing in Michael O'Brien's - "self-portrait" ad for Apple's PowerBook.

"InView & StockView is an incredibly powerful and complex program. Its greatest strength is its remarkable flexibility." - Mid-Atlantic ASMP

"Designed to be highly efficient, StockView does not resort to disk space-hungry indexing. The Photo Researcher feature provides you with a highly intuitive method for scanning your stock library. Literally any information contained in a record can be referenced in a search" - Outdoor & Travel Photography

"Incredibly thorough systems, complex, yet Mac-friendly" - Camera & Darkroom

"The neat search feature in Photo Researcher is a real gee whiz item that lets you find specific images quite quickly. It toggles through various windows faster than a speeding choo-choo." - Photo District News

"This program, especially in its newest version, is so powerful and comprehensive." - Dallas ASMP

"The Swiss Army Knife of photography Management software." - Photo District News

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