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HindSight's InView is a "best kept secret" for a Sales Professional working in any industry!  I have been using Panorama and InView since 1985, and over the past fifteen years selling high-end digital prepress systems, Contacts and Worksheet, have been the backbone for managing my customer base, building detailed proposals, and submitting orders into other administrative systems.  The cross platform software is efficient, dynamic and powerful.  Support and customization, if necessary, (for those of us who choose to push the envelope outside the scope of the creator's imagination), is outstanding and unwavering!

Jordan Melick, Denver, CO
A HindSight Customer since 1985 - HindSight Customer #1

If you are a professional photographer who's gone digital, the most important software today without a doubt is, Adobe Photoshop and HindSight's InView/StockView. PhotoShop is the lab, and InView/StockView is the office.

I stopped using film about 5 years ago and I wouldn't even be able to find my digital images without StockView. It is an unbelievable tool in managing, tracking and viewing your images. Using StockView's individual Catalogues, I track my image collections at the various image distribution companies. I can tell exactly how much a particular stock image has earned over a period of time. This is especially valuable when trying to analyze trends and profitability in stock photography. I track my assignment images as well as all my personal images. I even track my wife's and daughter's artwork. In fact my whole family uses InView's Contacts on a daily basis.

David Rosenberg, Denver, CO
A HindSight Customer since 1985 - HindSight Customer #2

I've used InView and StockView since 1985 and have never doubted my choice. My checkbook is balanced to the penny every month, my invoices and estimates are quick and professional, and I can check receivables like a CPA. And if I do have a question regarding the program, it's nice to be able to speak to the developer and owner of the company. Next to PhotoShop, it's the only software I need on my desktop.

Brian Smith, Boston, MA
A HindSight Customer since 1985 - HindSight Customer #3

I’ve been an InView user since the beginning, close to twenty years now. Over the years, in the interest of being an educated consumer, I’ve investigated other photography business specific software. I’ve always been very happy to be an Inview user. It’s the easiest to use and makes the most sense for me. The forms and workflow are in synch with the way I run my business. It’s simply a great program.

Forest McMullin, Rochester, NY
A HindSight Customer since 1985 - HindSight Customer #4

This is a really great product which, even after several years of use, constantly impresses me with its power and flexibility. It has ways of doing almost any task you ask of it, such as working efficiently with Meta data, keeping on top of licence reminders, monitoring client contacts or quickly compiling relevant submissions. Even the small detail tasks, such as altering batches of records if I make a mistake, are usually fixed in minutes rather than the hours it might take if the software designers hadn't already predicted I could make just such an error!

InView & StockView, together with Price Guide, form the heart of my photography business and I would be buried in administration without them. The technical support structure is excellent too. So glad that I didn't spend thousands of pounds getting software custom designed, because it surely wouldn't have matched the supremely cost effective InView and StockView. It's a one-stop solution to running my image business successfully.

Steve Watkins, Wales, UK
A HindSight Customer since 2003

I bought HindSight about 10 years ago, after using another program for a few years, which I did not like. Since starting to use HindSight, my life has become so much easier! It keeps track of all my estimates, invoices, accounts receivables, stock photography submittals, and equipment lists. And, those are just the things I use it for. It does much, much more. One of the most fantastic things about the program is the technical support - always friendly, always helpful. I would definitely recommend it highly, and do every chance I get!

Barbara White, Laguna Beach, CA
A HindSight Customer since 1996

I have been using HindSight for over 6 years now. I represent several other photographers as well as myself, so I use it to manage several collections, a chore HindSight's StockView has handled superbly. I also use it to manage the financial aspect of my business which has also worked out very well for me.

Two of the greatest benefits are, that while the features can be very extensive and rich in their capabilities, the actual learning curve to be up and running is not that big. You can learn many of the features you need and then explore the richer features as you go along. Second the support is excellent and users have the opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions for future upgrades.

Peter Bennett, Los Angeles, CA
A HindSight Customer since 1999

InView is the premiere program in my business. Well thought out, ever evolving. Tech support depends on an ornery guy with a strange sense of humor. OK scratch that.

InView is the foundation on which my business is built. It has evolved over the years to be a robust package that manages my marketing, accounting, and image management seamlessly with style, practicality and elegance of design. Add to that superb tech support and a philosophy of responsiveness to customer input to make the program even better. In my opinion, there is simply no reason to look further when looking for a business management program.

Allen Birnbach , Los Angeles, CA
A HindSight Customer since 1989

Thanks for putting up with me last Friday evening. The last minute help is very much appreciated. The idea of possibly being without Inview for the weekend made me very very insecure. It’s amazing how dependant on this program I am—more psychologically-- without it, it’s very easy to lose your rhythm for the day.  This is the most important software I have and it is my security blanket.  I’m sure other users feel the same way.  As I have said time and time again over the years— nothing even comes close to this program.

Schecter Lee, Brooklyn, NY
A HindSight Customer since 1995

InView & StockView are fantastic programs. There's no doubt about that. But what makes Hindsight's contact and asset management suite of programs truly unique, and uniquely valuable, is that they are made by a photographer for photographers. Jim Cook is a real shooter who began developing software to serve his own needs, not to make a quick dime. He intimately understands our concerns.

Over many years Cook has evolved his programs to new heights of complexity and power. But he has never lost sight of the "little guy" he started out to serve. Customer support services--offered in many different forms--are intimate, thorough, responsive, and truly outstanding. In a world of too many faceless software companies that seem bent on forcing us to deal with inadequate online help services, HindSight is in a class of it's own.

Ethan G. Salwen, San Francisco, CA
A HindSight Customer since 2002

Talking with other experts and looking at the prices offerd by software companies I had thought that setting up my own online stock library was a dream that was unrealistic. By chance I came across HindSight's web site and purchased searchLynx. I had my own Macintosh server and within a few hours had the basic online photo library up and running. Two years on with excellent tech support and updates I could only wish other software companies were as dedicated.

Matt Lambert, Victoria, Canada
A HindSight Customer since 2002

The HindSight programs, InView and StockView, have been a part of my business since around 1987. I'd be lost without them. They do everything I need - and I know that if I want to use other features such as the check book, they are there for me. While I still shoot only film (my work is almost completely for books and the publishers prefer film), I know that HindSight will have what I need, should I switch over. And I couldn't recommend Jim's sense of customer service more highly. He and his crew are a real pleasure to work with - and they've always exceeded my expectations.

William Hubbell, Cumberland Foreside, ME
A HindSight Customer since 1987

InView & StockView have been everything I've wanted them to be. But then I'm the original creator.

James Cook, Saugatuck, MI
Using the software for free since 1984

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