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Manage Your Data

Does a Picture Need 1,000 Words?
That's up to you, but without a doubt, good captions and keywords make a big difference in the ability to have the right images found and licensed or purchased.

StockView is well known for having the fastest keywording system. It happens to be easy to use too and provides complete accuracy in using your established keywords.

Other rapid data entry aids, META processing and the ability to instantly make global changes of words, phrases or spelling corrections mean you can readily prepare large numbers of images.

StockView's Catalogue has the ability to export data for large quantities of images at once. It's a breeze to quickly update your entire searchLynx library or to make bulk additions.

Other times you may want a more delicate touch. You can add or update an image at a time directly from your desktop.

The same capability is available in your web browser along with numerous other controls and options.

Catch an error, log on and fix it. Upload images to the site and caption as you can or have your assistant do it.

You can use the Job Lock's password protection to keep images offline until they're ready.

searchLynx has a complete arsenal of tools to help you manage and monitor your site, all accessible from your browser.

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