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Control to the Nth Degree

Who's in Charge Here?
Choose your colors, fonts, borders, image spacing, link versus caption positioning, popup or fixed captions, graphic or text links and much more.

searchLynx always lets you have the final word, no matter what language it's in.

Thumbnails and enlarged views display at whatever size you determine.

You control how much space, to the pixel, that every image gets.

Want a border? What color, how wide, what effect? Or go with no border.

Use popup captions and keep your images on a tight grid.

Or give your images lots of space with fixed captions.

Or use a little of both to handle verbose captions.

Set the enlarged image to open in its own new window. Set it to popup within the same page when the mouse is moved over the thumbnail. Or set it up to display thumbnails only with no option for a larger view.

Get the drift?

Putting all that power under your finger tips doesn't mean it has to be anything less than easy.

Using any web browser, searchLynx provides all the control you need in simple arrays of buttons and checkboxes. Change any aspect of your page design in an instant.

No need to call your designer or sysop to change it for you.

Power user? No problem. Use the browser controls to go straight into the raw CSS and HTML to edit and micro manage to your heart's content.

It's just like program or manual on your camera, with lots of points in between.

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