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Power Searching Simplified

Seeking is Believing
Fast searches only matter if they bear results. searchLynx provides an interface designed to make it easy for your site visitors to indicate what they're seeking. Then it applies its speed to produce results.

Of course, you decide what search options they get, but searchLynx boils it down to two major categories for you; Open Vocabulary or Closed Vocabulary. We don't expect your visitors to know those terms though.

All they need to know is what they're looking for and enter some possible matches into the search box. Simple choices on how to apply those words make it easy for them to create accurate searches.

In the background searchLynx seeks entries with this criteria in either the caption or keywords of your images. That's an Open search.

A Closed search uses your keywords to build a menu of categories.

Your client simply selects a category from the menu to search for entries within that category.

Based on the results and your settings, searchLynx presents either the resulting images or the abiltity to further refine their search by choosing from menus of sub-categories.

The HTML pages providing these search options are generated by searchLynx using all your settings for style and layout.

Taking it all a step further, searchLynx generates bare bones html pages with the different search mechanisms and all associated javascripts. You can use them to drop searches into any other pages of your web site.

It doesn't stop there either.

You can conduct your own searches and create links to repeat them.

These Quick Searches are ideal for reproducing searches on sets of images that may have changing content, such as work added in the last x number of days or an active project.

Sets of images not likely to be changing can be saved as lightboxes for even faster retrieval. Using either method, you can embed them as linked images or text links in HTML pages or email to quickly lead viewers to them.

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