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Throughout StockView there are windows designed to display your images, one at a time or many at once. View or Print images in any one of several formats, including pages of thumbnails. One window is capable of displaying a single image at any resolution your computer can handle.
Catalogue includes the powerful Browser for importing images along with any embedded META data. View and organize folders of images as you bring them into the Catalogue. Cruise through folders of images in the Slide Show, editing as you go. Rename images individually or by the batch. A built in utility makes it a breeze to convert one or hundreds of images from one format to another and resize them in the process. For instance, an entire folder full of high resolution TIFF images can be converted to JPEG thumbnails in one simple step.
Submissions StockView can quickly load a folder with the desired resolution of your digital images and include a PDF delivery memo to document the transaction. The folder can then be burned to a DVD or CD, emailed or uploaded to your web site.
View or print thumbnails in a variety of ways. Catalogue handles thumbnails whether they've been entered into the system or still reside in a folder. Print contact sheets of particular sets of images to include with your copyright application. Registration is your best protection.
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