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StockView Features

InView & StockView
  • Blends seamlessly with InView to become InView & StockView (shown here ->)
  • Reads, Writes, Edits and Imports Metadata
  • META Defaults and Copyright Protections
  • Automated, Multiple Level Cross References
  • Compatible with PICT, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, DNG and other formats
  • Converts Images from One Format to Another
  • Browser with Scalable Thumbnail Views
  • Extensive Searching and Sorting in All Data Fields
  • Prints Delivery Memos and Leasing Invoices with or without Images
  • Assembles Digital Submissions
  • Submissions Tracking and Aging with Letters for Late Notice
  • Posts Leasing Invoices to InView’s Receivables
  • Tracks Licenses and Generates Advisories for Expiration and Renewal
  • Generates HTML Pages of Thumbnails for your Web Site
  • Industry Specific Terms & Conditions
  • Swap or Edit Terms & Conditions Contracts in Seconds
  • EZ Graphics for Simple Graphics Adjustments and Form Design
  • User-Defined Serial Numbering Systems
  • Numerous User-Defined Defaults and Preferences
  • Caption Generator with Rapid Entry Aids & Styled Formats
  • Ready-to-Use and Unlimited Custom Label Formats
  • Bar Code Ready
  • Professional Licensing Constructor to Protect Valuable Rights
  • PLUS Compliant Licensing Module
  • HindSight's Unique Interactive Help System
  • Copyright 2012 HindSight Ltd All Rights Reserved