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Image Management

Creating a library of images is one thing. A library that can't keep track of its inventory is an incomplete library though. StockView provides the means to keep track of where every image is and where it's been.

Unlike mere Digital Asset Management software, StockView is fully capable of simultaneously tracking all those analog images still in your files.

Generate delivery memos, leasing invoices and keep track of who's got what. All with the proper terms to protect your interests. StockView can even assemble digital submissions for you to transfer via the web or burn to a DVD or CD.

License Reminders alert you to pending expiration of usage licences in time to pursue renewal or cessation of usage.

See our article on Catalogs vs Stock Management.

Submissions and
Job Deliveries
StockView makes it easy to select images and have them added to an outgoing submission record. All the details are recorded about each image as it is sent out. You have a complete record of who has had access to every image whether it's digital or analog. For analog images, you always know who has what and when it's due back. Submissions
Paper Trail StockView includes a variety of leasing invoices and delivery memos for stock, portfolios and job deliveries. Each is customizable with several pre-set to include digital images.
Licensing The crucial issue of protecting your rights is covered too. Choose from legal terms suggested by professional organizations to properly protect your work or write your own. Use the most up to date tools to write licenses into the images' metadata.
Submissions Tracking The Submissions file lists past and present submissions. Select and sort by a variety of criteria to see what you want, arranged as you wish. View all the details of any delivery or submission with a simple double click.
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