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Web Integration

Post pages of thumbnail images to your web site to show off some of your work or in response to a specific portfolio or stock request. Imagine the advantage, as the client looks over your work while your competition is working to get images together.

StockView's Catalogue instantly generates the HTML code for displaying any selected set of images as pages of thumbnails on the web. A simple preferences window allows you to pre-determine numerous design characterisics about the page.

Submissions StockView can quickly load a folder with the desired resolution of your digital images and include a PDF invoice or delivery memo to document the transaction. The folder can then be burned to a DVD, CD, emailed or uploaded to your web site.
PDF or Email Export
For those times when snail mail just won't do, StockView can export leasing invoices or delivery memos in just the right format to serve as an email attachment. Better still, save a delivery memo, complete with embedded images as a PDF file. It's perfect for sending ahead for a signature or for inclusion with a digital submission.
Take your web site to the next level by adding an image library with a seach engine that matches and exceeds the features and performance of the search software used by the world's major stock sites. In a matter of seconds, researchers can initiate a file search and be viewing thumbnails of the images that fit their criteria.
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